Intro to C#

C# is a high level programming language that relies on the Microsoft .NET framework.  In other words, it consists of easily understood phrases and syntax.  Additionally, the .NET framework gives C# interoperability with other languages, providing a gateway for users who know other .NET framework languages to learn C# and code in C#.  Moreover, the […]

Case Study: NotPetya

  Since 2012, the proliferation of ransomware has expanded rapidly across the globe, effecting organizations in private and public sectors.  While ransomware has impacted computer systems with amplitude comparable to more typical kinds of infections, it possesses a more unique purpose than conventional malware attacks.  Instead of directly exfiltrating sensitive data or destroying information like […]

Using Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF)

Abstract I will use BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework) in Kali Linux to demonstrate a pen test against Mozilla’s Firefox browser in a Windows XP VM.  With BeEF, I will hook the target browser and illustrate how XSS (cross site scripting) allows an attacker to fingerprint the specifications of a target host.  Furthermore, I will show […]

Penetration Testing With SQLi

Abstract I will use DVL (Damn Vulnerable Linux) to demonstrate a SQL injection attack on a virtual webserver.  SQL injections pose a significant threat to organizations that use SQL to manage their data.  Therefore, it is imperative that security professionals understand SQL injection attacks and SQL vulnerabilities. Materials -DVL (Damn Vulnerable Linux) Virtual Machine -VMware […]

Creative Ways to Prevent Phishing Attacks

One technique we could use to prevent phishing attacks is a side channel of communication. For example, by calling the individual who supposedly sent out a suspect email, a user can verify whether the email is authentic or not. We could also verify the authenticity of an email by using a trusted address to email […]

Using Basic Linux Commands and Permissions

Abstract: I will use Kali Linux to demonstrate the basics of the Linux operating system.  By using the Kali Linux command line, I will explore the Linux file system to shed light on the file structure.  Furthermore, I will execute basic Linux commands and illustrate fundamental file permissions. Materials –  Windows 10 64x –  At […]

Using NMAP in a Virtual Lab

Abstract I will gather the appropriate tools to set up a virtual lab.  Afterward, I will use the virtual lab to demonstrate the utility of NMAP.  The NMAP demonstration will include network scanning and port analysis. Materials –  Windows 10 64x –  Working internet connection –  Internet browser –  At least 124 MB of RAM […]